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linesmedia.in is an independent political cartoons and news, information, and entertainment media.

In the present circumstances the most crucial war is the Media War !! The oppressed people everywhere throughout the world are ignorant of the tricks and traps in the media battle. Our forums main goal is convey things to spot light through our powerful lines and words!!

My experience as a cartoonist and the special correspondent with tamil weekly kumudam for about 12 years has gained me confidence and helped me to venture up as linesmedia’s chief executive along with media friends.

We would like to begin our journey with freedom and stand one of a kind from other media, who are all at present bowed before Anna Arivalayam, poes garden and kamalayam. We as a team are aware and understand that our goals cannot be accomplished without the support of our readers.

So for us to continue with the media battle funds assumes a noteworthy part as linesmedia is not a business nor managed by a business man. Hence we request our wonderful readers to support our journey.

In the event that you feel our lines and words speak with a solid importance, please don’t hesitate to amplify your support by contributing financially and giving your thoughts & criticism to travel along with us in the media journey.

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